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Infants and Newborns

Once a baby is born, he or she will need a doctor of her own.  We hope you will make Best Start Pediatrics your baby’s medical home.  When your baby is discharged from the hospital, give us a call to schedule the first appointment.

This appointment usually occurs when the baby is 3-5 days old.  At our first visit, we will be gathering information about your pregnancy, delivery, family, and social circumstances, and addressing your concerns.  We will be assessing your baby’s weight and hydration and checking for jaundice.  We are very supportive of your feeding plan and hope to help you successfully breastfeed.

During infancy, we will see your baby for several regular visits.  We have a schedule of wellness checkups that will allow us to make sure your baby is growing and developing well.  These occur at intervals that correlate with the vaccine schedule so that vaccines can be provided at these visits when indicated. 


We understand that vaccinations can create lots of anxiety for patients and their families.  Our providers are very knowledgeable about vaccines and are happy to discuss any concerns you have.  Our medical staff has lots of experience administering vaccines.

If we find there are problems with nutrition, development, or other areas of health, we will plan appropriate referrals.  These often include specialists or therapists.  It is our goal to make sure your child will receive the necessary services to have a full and healthy life.  Be sure to discuss any concerns with us during your next appointment! 

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