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Meet Bestie & Cam

Our new clinic has been open a few weeks now and I wanted to share about a very special feature in our clinic! Meet Bestie & Cam!

I designed this clinic in honor of my family

as well as all my past, present, and future patients. Being in the field of pediatrics for over twenty years has inspired me to develop a fun and functional space that tells a story. It’s a story

that every child and caregiver can be part of. Creating this clinic has been a labor of love and such a blessing. I hope all who enter will feel the enchantment of this special place.

Cameron Averitt Bobbitt was my daughter. She lived only 5 years, 8 months, and 6 days. She was a wonderful child, and I adored being her mother. Cameron loved books and we read to

her every day. She learned that books can be magical and take you any place you can imagine. This clinic is a tribute toCameron. It tells the story of Cameron’s legacy through the eyes of kangaroo named Cam. You’ll meet Cam and Cam’s caregiver, Bestie, when you enter the purple heart waiting room. You can sit with Cam and read a book from the bookcase in our giant tree. As you go through the clinic you will see story walls including the hot air balloon measuring wall. When you arrive to your exam room, you will visit one of the

places in Cam’s story. Each room is unique and imaginative. With Cam as your guide, you will get a chance to travel to many different places in this world and beyond.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Love—Dr. Susan Averitt

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