Pregnancy can be both exciting and terrifying.  There are so many unknowns as new parents look to the future.  You will be starting a family of your own and there will be lots of decisions to make.  One of the important decisions will be which health care provider to use for your newborn.  We hope to help make that decision easier.


We welcome the chance to meet expecting parents.  We offer a free visit to our clinic with an opportunity to sit down one on one with Dr. Averitt and ask your questions.  These visits usually last 10-15 minutes.  We typically schedule them first thing in the afternoon before the clinic gets busy with our afternoon appointments. 


Prenatal Visits

Most prospective parents come in to meet us during their third trimester, but anytime during pregnancy is fine.  We are also happy to meet with parents who are adopting.  This is a great opportunity to locate the clinic, meet the staff, ask your questions, pick up new patient paperwork and make sure Best Start Pediatrics is a good fit for your family.  Give us a call or use the link below to schedule an appointment today! 

Contact Us

We are eager to connect with you!   If you have a quick question please fill out the form below and someone will respond as soon as we can.  For appointments please call.   We look forward to adding you to our growing family!

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We have our own office!  We are connected with Colliers Drug store.  Click on the map for directions!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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